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Why Real Estate Agents Choose LoanFlight

No Lender Fees

LoanFlight charges no lender fees. If your client's loan estimate shows lender fees, they are already paying too much. Work with a lender that knows what the customer wants.

Lowest Rates

LoanFlight is generally about 0.50% less than your local lender. This gives your client more buying power and higher loan amounts mean more commissions for the agent!

Underwritten Approvals

LoanFlight issues fully underwritten approval letters, not pre-approvals. This saves you time so you only show houses your client can afford and makes offers more credible.

Quick TurnTimes

Since we fully underwrite our client's loans in advance, we can short circuit the usual process and close loans fast. This ensures your borrower closes on time.

How to Refer your clients to LoanFlight

Install Agent App

LoanFlight's Agent App enables agents to invite their clients to apply, keep track of their application status and download approval letters.
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Invite Clients to Apply

When you enter your client's data into the mobile app and choose your LoanFlight loan officer, your client will get an invitation via email to complete their app online. 

Monitor Application

You'll be able to see, in real time, where your clients are in the application process and download documents including approval letters.

Track Progress

Once an offer is accepted, upload the contract and see in real-time exactly where your client's loan is in the process. You'll be able to view any outstanding items your client needs in order to close their loan on time.

Ready to get your clients approved with no lender fees?


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