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Loan Programs & Services

Residential Mortgage Loan

Fixed or adjustable conventional & government loans with flexible credit score and loan to value options.

Home Equity Loan

A loan that uses the value of your home as collateral to borrow money. Funds can be used for any purpose.

Home Equity Line of Credit

A revolving line of credit secured by the equity in your home. Draw funds as needed over time.

Veteran Programs

Programs just for veterans, offering favorable terms and benefits guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

1% Down Program

Loans with as little as 1% down and no monthly mortgage insurance. Income and loan amount restrictions apply.

100% FHA

This unique FHA program offers up to 100% financing of the total purchase price. ZERO money down!

Neighborhood Growth

Up to 1% rate incentives in eligible areas (compared to conventional), Available for Purchase & Refinance!

Manufactured Homes

Flexible conventional and FHA mortgage options for manufactured homes on permanent foundations.

No Income Verification

Apply now for loan programs that do not require proof of income and can qualify based on cash flow or assets.

Reverse Mortgage

Loan against home equity for seniors; repayments due when borrower no longer occupies the property.

Hard Money Loans

Rapid funding, unique property, time-sensitive investments, or unconventional borrowing needs.

Fix & Flip

Short-term financing programs for buying, renovating, and selling properties for profit or 'fix and flip.'

Condotel Investments

Special loan programs to combine the ownership of a condo with the option to rent out units like a traditional hotel.

Express Renovation

Finance small=scale renovations on your existing or new property with this streamlined reno mortgage. 

Previous Bankruptcy

Purchase and refinance mortgage options for those with previous Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

Divorce Planning

Guidance with transitioning a mortgage to one party or the other (or selling a property) during divorce.