Things To Remember

Document Pages

Scanned documents must include all pages, even if they're blank. If documents say 6 of 6 pages, all pages must be included regardless of content. 

Scanning Documents

Be sure not to cut off any edges when scanning your documents. Documents containing missing edges or content can and will be rejected. 

Document Format

All documents to be submitted to LoanFlight Lending must be in PDF format. Alternate format types cannot be uploaded to the system and will be rejected.

Redacted Information

DO NOT redact any information on any documents. Documents that contain redacted information will be rejected. Rejected documents will need to be reuploaded properly.

Steps to Upload Documents

Uploading Documents

If you don't have a scanner readily available you can use the camera on your mobile device to capture images of your documents.

Use Your Phone Camera

Use the camera function on your mobile device through the LoanFlight portal to capture images of your documents.

Save Document Images

Once you've captured your documents, simply save them to your camera roll.

Upload Documents

Once your documents are saved, upload all necessary documents through the LoanFlight portal on your mobile device.


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